Translating Ideas into Practice

The Vodafone Germany Foundation aims to improve the opportunities for education, social mobility and social cohesion in society. For this, we not only support people, but also ideas. The think tank of the Vodafone Stiftung serves as an independent resource for society with which we aim to contribute to the resolution of social problems. To achieve these objectives, we consistently follow a three-step approach:

  1. We identify relevant, practice-related challenges in the policy areas of youth, family, education, integration, employment and social issues, which have not received enough attention to date or which have yet to be adequately resolved.
  2. We work with practitioners, academics and citizens to generate target group-specific, action-centred expertise and present this in a readily understandable format, for example in studies, surveys, policy recommendations, info graphics and short explanatory films.
  3. We disseminate this knowledge and other (internationally tested) proposed solutions via the media, the internet/social networks and in direct dialogue with policymakers.

Key areas

With our studies, we aim to find out which issues interest parents as well as the information and support they need.

We promote the discourse on social innovations and innovative policy instruments in Germany to resolve the social challenges of the future.

We take up urgent social problems and ask leading academics and experienced practitioners to lay out their ideas for action-oriented and pragmatic solutions.