Recognising challenges – contributing to the resolution of social problems

Vodafone Germany Foundation (orig.: Vodafone Stiftung Deutschland) is one of the large company-related foundations in Germany and a member of a global family of foundations. As an independent, not-for-profit institution and social policy think tank, it supports and initiates programmes with the goal of providing impetus to social progress, fostering the development of an active civil society and assuming social policy responsibility. The foundation's support remit is summarised by the motto “Supporting People and Ideas” and focuses on the fields of education and social mobility.

The foundation engages with these issues by means of long-term support for programmes, awards, competitions and scholarships and in its capacity as a social policy think tank. In this way, the foundation aims to bring about changes to the regulatory and institutional framework with a view to creating prospects for upwards social mobility among children and young people from disadvantaged families.

Creating opportunities – thinking for the future
All studies show that background is still decisive for employment opportunities, careers and therefore personal futures. The key thing is to give every person the opportunity to realise his or her innate individual talents by creating equality of opportunity. This also relates to the question of how we can enable more children, youngsters and young adults from relatively disadvantaged or non-academic families to achieve upwards social mobility in our country. Promoting social mobility and realising opportunities for advancement represent a key challenge for the Vodafone Germany Foundation with a view to using potential to create genuine opportunities for individuals.

The foundation is supported by the German telecommunications provider Vodafone as well as funds from the Vodafone Foundation.