Quinoa – education for outstanding prospects in life

Quinoa offers talented young people excellent education for outstanding opportunities in life.

Quinoa is a not-for-profit social enterprise whose expertise lies in designing, establishing and developing schools. The objective is to establish greater equality of opportunity in the German educational landscape. Its projects are underpinned by the belief that every person can achieve the best possible outcomes in his or her personal and professional life thanks to individual support, a reliable structure and a belief in their own abilities and talents. Quinoa was launched in Berlin by the social entrepreneurs Stefan Döring and Dr Fiona Brunk. As a pilot project, Quinoa opened an integrated secondary school in the Berlin district of Wedding in summer 2014.

Establishment of an innovative school in Wedding

Quinoa was founded to develop schools for outstanding prospects in life. Quinoa's pilot project entails establishing an integrated secondary school (years 7 to 10) in the Wedding district of Berlin, where its innovative school concept with intense support for pupils, parents and educational staff is being tested. The aim is to establish an excellent school that offers young people from disadvantaged backgrounds greater equality of opportunity and the prospect of educational advancement. Parents are involved in pupils' development process to support their children in shaping their futures in the best way possible.

The school model
As an all-day school, Quinoa offers its teaching staff and pupils enough time to develop an understanding way of interacting with each other. The time spent by teaching staff with parents and pupils is a firm feature of the timetable.

A new working time model
The teaching staff work according to an innovative working time model in which they can do justice to their role as tutors and supporters of learning in a sustained and positive way. They achieve this via small and intensive learning groups. In addition, as well as a specialist teacher every class has a teaching assistant.

The success factor
The school sees its key task as educational orientation and careers guidance. Quinoa achieves this with intensive support for pupils via mentoring and coaching which extend beyond pupils' time at the school. Four years after leaving the school, the aim is for pupils to have gained either a (technical) university entrance qualification or completed vocational training.

For further information, please visit www.quinoa-bildung.de