Material for parents

A child’s education, especially during early childhood, is highly influenced by three institutions in society: family, kindergarten and school. The involvement of parents in the educational process is essential for the child’s development and long-term opportunities. In Germany, educators such as childcare workers and teachers sometimes find it difficult to involve parents in this process. The socioeconomically disadvantaged or those of foreign origin are especially hard to reach. To improve this process, the Vodafone Germany Foundation has commissioned experts to develop material for parents.

The material produced contains information and recommendations for parents to optimise their children's early education, to organise their leisure activities and to monitor their development. Another major purpose is to help parents choose the most suitable secondary school for their child and to smooth the transition for the whole family.

Ideally, parents receive initial information when they first enrol their child at a childcare facility or in a primary school. From that moment until the end of the child’s fourth year, the final year in German primary schools, they receive additional material several times a year containing accessible explanations, examples and illustrations.

In addition, a supporting educators’ guide explains how to use the documents to childcare workers and teachers and provides practical recommendations for interaction with parents.   
The material includes:

  • the school or pre-school’s statement of its objectives, responsibilities and expectations of the children and their parents
  • information on required and recommended study materials, sportswear, etc.
  • recommendations for healthy nutrition
  • information about recommended vaccinations
  • recommendations on how to support children in their daily routine
  • recommendations for helping with homework
  • checklists for monitoring the child’s development
  • information about types of secondary education
  • information about financial support  

The guide for teachers and childcare staff includes:

  • information about the material, including a content overview and general principles
  • recommendations for interaction with parents, including methods for initiating dialogue and building rapport with parents, must-dos and common difficulties 

All the documents are available in German, Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish and can be downloaded free of charge. Some of the materials can be edited.