German Teaching Award

A nationwide competition for engaged and creative teachers.

Ideas & objectives

In demonstrating innovative ideas and great dedication, teachers in Germany are already working towards the schools of the future as well as increasingly cooperating with colleagues in teams that span subject areas and involving pupils on a large scale. Teachers open doors. They do more than just open up new worlds of knowledge and skills for the youngsters they teach, on a daily basis they also help their pupils to develop personalities equipped to tackle the social challenges of their times.

Not only the life of each and every pupil, but also society itself is unimaginable without the great level of personal dedication demonstrated by teachers. School makes its mark for life. To do their important jobs, teachers require more than just support, they also need recognition. The "Deutscher Lehrerpreis – Unterricht innovativ" has set itself the objective of raising the level of public appreciation for the teaching profession.

The competition combines two categories:

I. Category 1/pupils recognise their teachers:
In the first category, pupils from year groups leaving secondary school nominate especially dedicated teachers who promote responsible interaction between staff and pupils.

II. Category 2/teachers: innovative teaching
The second category recognises imaginative, innovative teaching concepts from secondary school teachers who engage in teamwork across subject areas.

The "Deutscher Lehrerpreis – Unterricht innovativ" competition is a joint initiative of the Vodafone Germany Foundation and the Deutscher Philologenverband (DPhV – German teaching association). The nationwide competition is being realised and financed by the Vodafone Germany Foundation.

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