familY programme

The family-programme focuses on families due to their importance as the first institution for education.

Initiated by EDUCATION Y in 2010, the familY programme helps to improve educational opportunities for socioeconomically disadvantaged children. By building bridges between families, schools and other local institutions throughout Germany, familY seeks to contribute to the development of a more inclusive national educational system.

The family influences both personal and educational development – to a larger degree than all the professionals and institutions involved. The lessons we learn in the family last a lifetime. familY therefore reaches out to parents who will be enrolling their children in primary school within the next few months. The programme helps them to smooth the transition for the entire family and, ultimately, optimise their child’s entire educational process.

familY is available to any interested parents but primarily addresses those who feel particularly insecure about their ability to support their child’s education. The programme organises regular group meetings in which parents from similar backgrounds can receive useful information and advice and discuss their concerns in a comfortable, familiar atmosphere. familY trainers – teachers and social workers who complete a specific training course – organise and guide these meetings.