ARTIG Centre for Cultural Development

The ARTIG Centre for Cultural Development was created from the Düsseldorf youth art project "Düsseldorf ist ARTig" (Düsseldorf is arty). The ARTIG Centre aims to discover and support artistic, creative and talented young people and to get across to them what they mean to society: a resource of great value and potential that is urgently required in both the present and the future.

The ARTIG Centre is seeking, finding and supporting #JUNGESGOLD

In contrast to the last ten years of Düsseldorf ist ARTIG, there is no need to already have a concrete project idea at the application stage. Instead, the ARTIG Centre will invite creative young people interested in the project to the ARTIG Culturlabor, in which they can experiment with professional artistic support and – jointly or individually – develop their artistic ideas.

Therefore young artists can engage in the four day ARTIG Culturlabor which marks only of the beginning of the ARTIG year. Together with more experienced artists, young people are given the chance to develop and enhance their own ideas as well as create new collaborative projects in workshops and the Open Space, which offers in interdisciplinary creative hub. After an initial start, the programme offers a year long support for the participants to finish their own projects as well as a deepened cultural education programme. 

In addition, the ARTIG Centre is the drop-in venue and hub for young people interested in art and culture in Düsseldorf. The so-called studies, an additional offering from the ARTIG Centre, offer all those interested in making a career out of artistic and cultural professions numerous opportunities for guidance and professional development in the cultural sector.

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