Act for Impact

Development programme for those starting up responsible businesses under the umbrella of the Vodafone Germany Foundation and the Social Entrepreneurship Academy

At EUR 51,000, Act for Impact is the highest-value development programme for social entrepreneurs from the fields of education and integration in the German-speaking countries. Since 2012, it has been awarded annually by Vodafone Germany Foundation and the Social Entrepreneurship Academy.

"As an active provider of risk capital, we use the competition to support social entrepreneurs in the third sector and assist them in the effective dissemination of their entrepreneurial concepts and proposed solutions. Support is given to initiatives that have an impact in the fields of education and social mobility and which aim to use their entrepreneurial approach to achieve social change," comments Dr Mark Speich, managing director of Vodafone Germany Foundation.

The invitation to apply for the fourth Act for Impact development programme was issued on 6 April 2015. This year the team of Hotel Utopia won the 2014 development prize worth EUR 40,000 and admission to the exclusive start-up promotion programme of the Social Entrepreneurship Academy. Veedu from Berlin, which won second prize, was awarded prize money of EUR 5,000

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